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The Importance of a Snorkel


A truly great snorkeling experience is one in which you don't need to lift your face in order to breathe but be able to breathe while floating on the water. This is where the snorkel plays an important role.


Sometimes, we want to look at marine life more closely and we go deeper, and when this happens most snorkels fill up with water and we need to blow out the water to clear the snorkel when we surface so that we can continue snorkeling.


A basic snorkel is a J shaped plastic tube with a silicone mouth piece, a hard non-flexible barrel, and a snorkel keeper. But if you go out to choose a snorkel in the market, you will find that there are many different variations of the basic snorkel out there.


If you want to help clear the snorkel of water, you need to add a purge valve at or around the area of the mouth piece. Some snorkels bring an extra purge valve half way up the tube so that it is easier to clear. There are some that brings a splash guard at the top, to protect the snorkel from a waver or from splashing around. These are called semi-dry snorkels. There are also snorkels that would not fill with water with you submerge. These are known as dry snorkels.


Dry snorkels have a valve at the upper tip that lets you breath but will close when submerged and stop the water from filling the tube. This means that you can spend a little more time under water with the same amount of air that you intake when you submerge since you don't need to save that extra air to clear the snorkel, read about here!


Snorkels need to fit in your mouth comfortably. IT should allow you to blow or purge water out of the mouthpiece and tube quickly. This will help you to swim efficiently. The most important characteristic to remember when choosing a snorkel is its length and the diameter of the barrel. The length should not be too long or too short. The diameter should be about three quarters of an inch so that it will allow you to breathe comfortably. Get more facts about snorkel, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snorkeling.


Every snorkel does the same job, basically. But, depending on how serious you are about snorkeling, how much you like to go under water and observe the marine life, and you budget, the choice of your snorkel that you will add to your snorkel gear will definitely be affected. Know more here!